Facade and Cladding

Aluminium Cladding and Louvres
We provide customized shape cladding, articulated and normal type of aluminium cladding. Our service for fabrication and installation is based on customer’s requirement. It includes:

  1. Composite aluminium panel,
  2. Perforated aluminium panel,
  3. Fluorocarbon coated aluminium panel,
  4. Aluminium screen,
  5. Honey combed aluminium panel and
  6. Column box up cladding.

Façade Glazing Works
Our façade glazing works includes:

  1. Articulated glass façade,
  2. Shop front glass,
  3. Façade glass,
  4. Glass canopy,
  5. Railing glass and
  6. Skylight glass.

Structural Steel Works

Our service for Structural Steel works includes:

  1. Main building structure,
  2. Structural steel staircase,
  3. Bondek slab,
  4. Spiral staircase,
  5. Pipe rack,
  6. Roof structure,
  7. Walkway/platform,
  8. Nonconventional articulated steel façade structure
  9. Street canopy structure
  10. Maintenance platform
  11. Handrail 

Reinforced Concrete Works

Our service for Reinforced Concrete works includes:

  1. Construction of new building,
  2. Addition and alteration of extended building using pre-stressed concrete works and traditional formwork such as bondek slab and system formwork method.

Green Walls

We also construct green walls as part of promoting green environment. Our service includes:

  1. Stainless steel cable/bracket installation
  2. Trellis
  3. Stainless steel rebar and
  4. Stainless steel grating.

Art Walls

Our service for creating art walls includes installation of aluminium flappers.